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This is woefully after the fact, but Cinders and Sparrows got its own book box!! It was an OwlCrate Jr.’s monthly book pick which means that the lovely people at OwlCrate put together a collection of goodies, and I wrote a letter and signed many thousands of bookplates, and then all of that was packed into boxes that went winging and soaring their way to readers.

And the point of this blog post is that there are a handful of extra ones left, so if you’re in the market for a Hobbit pouch, or a Hotel Ducalion key-fob, or perchance a signed copy of Cinders and Sparrows, I will point you in that direction.

(I’m possibly unreasonably excited that it had its own book box. I love the whole concept of putting together paraphernalia related to a book and kind of adding another dimension to the story’s world that way. It’s making me want to assemble a book box myself with like . . . a fancy writing quill, and the rose-and-lemon candles in Zita’s secret library, and a silver locket, and little pouches for herbs. Maybe I’ll put one together and do a giveaway. But I’m also not sure, because I’m mostly on instagram these days, and I feel like that’s where all the readers are, too. Maybe it will be an instagram giveaway. We shall see.)

(Also-also, my website got an update recently and it’s nigh impossible to find the comment feature now. Sorry about that. You can still comment on the posts, but you have to click through the header of the blog post and then scroll to the bottom, which is not a very agreeable thing to do. I’m not sure why that happened, but I’ll ask get it fixed.)

Anyway. I’ve been writing like mad and am exciiiiited about current projects. I have a good feeling about 2021. Hopefully I can share more soon, and hopefully you all are hale and happy. 🙂

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