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Writing Update + Vienna + Alps


This is my last blog post as a college studennnnnnt. At least for a bit. I’m thrilled. I’ll probably type up a college-y post sometime this summer where I blab about the past four years, and the many eccentric people I met, and the juicy, juicy gossip that was gleaned, and then I will read over that post and decide it must never see the light of day and delete it, so um . . . 👍

A quick writing update: I’m on re-write number five of my next book, and it’s  super long, and it keeps getting LONGER, ack. I love it, though. It involves gods and monsters and the Moon, and a child with a creature living behind his ribs. I’ve just been really glacial at writing this past year, and I can’t wait to be able to concentrate again after graduation. In the meantime, here’s a mood-board of the general aesthetic, courtesy of all the fantastically talented artists with work up on Pinterest:


Monsters! Sewers! Magick! Intrepid adventurers climbing stairs!


Vienna: I went to Vienna briefly for a friend’s wedding two months ago, and this post is about that because I’M SLOW AT BLOGGING. It was only the second time I’d been. The first time was a super short 24 hour trip where I spent most of the time in a scorchingly hot TV studio in a warehouse. (It was a roundtable discussion of Literature and CultureTM and when we’d finished, one of the producers said “That’s a wrap!” and the moderator was like “That’s the most interesting thing anyone’s said to me all day.” 😂)

This time I had a bit of time to hang out with friends and sight-see and there was no TV studio involved, so it was great.


A very famous street in Vienna. I can’t remember what it’s called, but I walked for miles to find it and I kept passing a crowd of people taking pictures, thinking, “What are those crazies even taking pictures of?” and then I realised it was this famous street and was like “AHHH, CRAZIES, let me join you.”


“Huge” and “Pale” are the words that come to mind when I think of Vienna. The streets are super wide. The buildings are like Zürich’s buildings but twice as high and usually pink/white/yellow plaster, where Zürich’s are grey stone. The whole place is a bit more Slavic-tinged than Munich or Salzburg, but not full-on Budapestian yet, and it’s cool to see that happening as you move East, and to notice that countries and cultures only sort of adhere to borders.

I also went to the alps last week to finish my grad thesis, which is now handed off, and which I’m very anxious about. Also, final grad performance is next week 13.6.2017, 20 o’ clock / 8PM, in case anyone wants to come listen to the strange music of five chamber musicians and a 3-D printer. 🙂

Back to the alps:


This particular valley is an old, old pilgrimage place, so there were a lot of chapels and pious people pilgrimaging and then me.


I was in that tower of yonder building, tippy-tapping away.

The hotel was a bit Shining-esque. I met no ghosts that were recognisable as such. I also didn’t use the elevator, though, so I can’t say it’s NOT full of blood.


One of the scary hallways in the hotel.


And that’s that! There are still a million things to organise for the performance next week and I’m moving away from Switzerland after graduation, so I need to hurry. In my next post I will be either a disgraced former music student with a flop final performance or a graduate, and either way I’ll be off in foreign lands for work, and I’m very excited for all of it, whatever might happen.

Hope everyone’s well! 🙂

5 Comments to “Writing Update + Vienna + Alps”

  1. Evi R. says:

    Hey Stefan!
    I’m so v e r y excited about your new book, can’t wait to read it! 🙂

    And also: Good luck for your grad project! I’d really like to hear (and see) whatever you’ve done with a 3D printer and music, so -will you post it somewhere?

    This summer, I’ll be in Vienna for a week. Are there any other interesting tips or must-see-sights? 😀 (of course I’ll go looking for that beautiful crazy street)

    All the best,
    Evi 🙂

    • stefan says:

      Hi Evi! Thank you! 🙂 I’ll see if I can get someone to film some snippets of the performance and maybe post them, depending on whether everything goes swimmingly and nothing / no one breaks down. Also, yay for visiting Vienna! I *really* loved the Kunsthistorische Museum. If you’re into art at all I’d highly recommend it. I hope you have a great trip!

  2. Basilisk says:

    Etienne, you are forbidden to delete that college post after you write it, and you are absolutely obliged to write it. I want to hear all about the characters in your school.
    Wish I could attend your performance on Tuesday, but I’m just getting back from Würzburg then. I hope it suitably impresses anybody who has anything to say about it.

    • stefan says:

      I dunnooooooo! It will definitely have to be edited for consumption. Worst case I’ll email it to you. xD Also, thanks!

  3. Samuel says:

    Hey stephan
    I have a homework about your life, but what you have here in your blog it’s too short, so if you can share to me some facts about your childhood, your family, curious facts and some important information of your life

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