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London / Oregon / Tidbits and Interestings #5



This summer ended up being much more travel-y than I was expecting, which is HARD, I know, let’s all have a moment of silence and form a healing circle. But in all seriousness, I was super happy to get home and sort myself out.

I got back from the US recently, which was one long panic attack for basically no reason. Well, maybe some reasons. (Like listening to crazy presidential candidates scream 24/7 via radio/ads/your private telephone; someone should report them for noise pollution.) But no specific, blog-worthy reasons. Oregon is gorgeous and full of good food, and good people, and I’m always happy to be back. And there were no airport shenanigans either! (In fact, PDX has the nicest TSA. For real. JFK, GET YOUR NOTEPADS. We got selected for extra security scrutiny because we’re lucky like that, and the guy who patted us down basically told his whole life story and asked how the fishing was in Lake Zürich. 😂)

But I’ll start at the beginning! London!



This seems like a Harry Potter house, no? Like, a house that doesn’t actually fit, but was kind of squashed in there by magic.

I’ve done tons of London posts in the past, so this time I’ll just do some pictures of the Victoria & Albert Museum, which I had never been to before and which is fantastic. I do very much recommend it, if you find yourself in London. It felt like it had a wider variety of displays and subjects, so especially if you’re traveling with multiple people with varying interests, it’s a way better bet than the British Museum. It had sculpture and paintings and jewelry and costumes and furniture and libraries and curiosities and all the interesting things. I loved it.



Red Raincoats.



When you leave your plates in the sink too long.



Dolls are scary.



Ok, this sculpture is amazing, do we all agree? Look at that veil. Turning something as solid and non-transparent as stone into something that so clearly implies transparence and lightness is pretty much magic, I would say.



That poor brass band. Poor brass band got squashed.



Canopic jars. Practical for holding small lunches, car keys, internal organs. . .



My feelings exactly, little clay pot.



Our hotel had this solemn convocation of birds overlooking the court.



Herman is a happy potato, obviously.



What IS this?

I also met up with Emma Trevayne, which is always lovely. And then I went to all the galleries. Walked lots of miles. Ate much good food, including a shrimp burger. (Shrimp burgers, I have discovered, are the best invention since non-shrimp burgers. If you see one, get one.)

And then it was off to Oregon!



A non-shrimp burger. But still delicious.



Found myself in the wild west for a few seconds.



County Fair, bein’ all cute and stuff.



As oppose to success *without* houseplants, which, let’s be real, is not even possible.



Pie for breakfast. 🙂 The best pie. My non-existent photography skills do not do this pie justice.

And then it was back home to Switzerland! Whenever I get back here I wonder why I even travel in the first place when Switzerland is so pretty and perfect. And then a day or two later I want to be traveling again, but seriously. So, so pretty.



I would be a Swiss cow, if that were an option when choosing what to be. They have nice views.

I also met a pig, back in Switzerland. I thought you should know.



His name is Napoleon and he is plotting the downfall of capitalism. Poor Boxer.

And now, Things!





Hope everyone’s hale and happy. 🙂 Bye.

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  1. Basilisk says:

    Yay, another post! Lemme see if I remember all my valuable comments…

    Nevermind the red raincoat when you have gold-plated plasterwork! Or did she inspire your CoC story? Which is wonderful (though I haven’t read it yet) that you, or y’all, are posting there again. I rather missed the regular new entries with all their neat ideas.

    That sculpture is amazing. Absolutely. Who made it?

    Those flat instruments are Goofy’s doing. Look up “Symphony Hour” from 1942 on YouTube. Is hilarious.

    I would wat Osiris to watch over my house keys, sure. And Anubis can guard internal organs, y’know, as spares…

    Napoleon belongs in a burger, with or without shrimp. And I still think he’s a she.

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