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Tidbits and Interestings #4

Hiiiiiiii, so this is an in-between-post because life has been busy, and by life I mean college. So we shall do a Tidbits and Interestings, wherein I will list up my current favorite things, and then I’ll do some actual blogging shortly.

Current favorite art:




I’m really into video game concept art right now, which is weird because I don’t actually play video games. This is from a game called Bloodborne. It seems to be mostly about gallons of blood and viscera, and I could never, eeeeeever play it because I would vomit all over the screen. But the art is cool and inspiring and I love the mood and the light and the Gothic atmosphere. Would read if it were a book. *holds out hands to universe*

Current things I need to tell you ’bout:



The Radiant Road by Katherine Catmull


The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud












And that’s that! I will do some actual blog posts once the worst of my finals are over.

Hope everyone’s well! 🙂 Bye.

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  1. Evi Rohde says:

    Hi Stefan 🙂
    I know life’s busy at the moment and I don’t want to interrupt either your work for college or your popcorn sessions.
    But I’m writing a really long and interesting paper about Bartholomew Kettle and Oliver Twist and it’d be so incredibly cool to include your ideas or opinions on it! The paper will be due on 2nd June so this is kinda urgent.
    Please check your email for my questions (the subject line is “Bartholomew Kettle and Oliver Twist -paper on misfits – A levels!”).
    Thank you so much 🙂

    Best wishes,

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