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Oh, internet. How I do love abandon thee for vast quantities of time. This post feels a bit weightless in light of current events, but a reader emailed me last week and asked why I’m such a sporadic twitterer, and where were the blog posts like in the olden days, and helloooooo (except they were way nicer about it, BUT I UNDERSTOOD.)

So, here’s a quick life update. I’m revising my next book. I wrote a thing for a secret thing that I can’t talk about yet but that is very exciting. School restarted. I’m prepping for my graduate performance. I went to Prague. I’m pretty busy.

It’s the weird type of busy where there are no tangible results, and it’s just nose to the grindstone, which I like, but I realise that unless you’re a close friend or family member it will just be like “STEFAN *hand clap* WHAT R U DU.”

That being said: I went to Prague a few weeks ago. I will probably move to Prague for a wee bit after military/graduation to work as an intern. This will be an ADVENTURE.

Here are some Prague pictures:



Hello, bird, thank you for being in my picture, you look great.



When I was growing up in the Very Old House in Zürich, there were some photographs of the very old house a hundred years ago; it used to be completely covered in ivy, and I remember thinking that was pretty fantastic. I asked my parents why the house was bald these days and my parents said ivy was actually bad for the plaster and could weaken the structural integrity of Very Old Houses or something, and so they’d had it all taken off when we moved in. Kid-me was gravely disappointed. I still want to live in a house like this, that just kind sits under a heap of ivy with windows blinking on from time to time. (The house in the picture above I found somewhere in Mala Strana. It was DROWNING in ivy.)



Do not take advice from walls that forget the “F” in self. (Also, the tiny, faint quote in the top right corner for you, like, five people who have read Monster Middle Grade.)



Dutch angle, because I was trying to avoid brightly-hatted tourist heads.



Or maybe just “Darya and Elias for as long as is convenient” because the local authorities are going to clip these locks at the end of the year, soooo. . .



Prague has the best streetlamps, second only to Narnia probably.

And that’s that! I’ll try post a few more times before the end of the year. Also, I’m going to London today for a family thing and I know I blog about London all the time, but if anything wildly interesting or delicious-tasting happens I’ll do another one.

Hope everyone’s well-ish. Bye. 🙂

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  1. Basilisk says:

    Yay, post! You take very photographs, you know that? I still think you should give Vilnius a try before moving to Prag.

    Now blog about London, plz.

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