Stefan Bachmann



A pop-song I wrote for the release of A Drop of Night and ended up scrapping because it’s a bit angry and weird, and people would be like “What even. . .”

It’s from the POV of our rage-y main character Anouk and is directed at her parents in the first verse, and then her captors at the Palais du Papillon in the second verse.

Lyrics and music: Stefan Bachmann
Vocals: AQA


An old, old dance for piano that I wrote in my dance-y-music-writing phase when I was fifteen or sixteen.


Bartholomew’s Theme from The Peculiar.


A random ditty I wrote because I was enamored with the muted trumpet and accordion sounds on my old computer program and wanted to use them.


A larger orchestra sound that I played on my first book tour for students when they asked about what kind of music I liked to write.


The second popsong I wrote, and the one I ended up using for A Drop of Night‘s release. I had never written a popsong before my publisher asked me to for this book and I kind of loved it, even though I have no clue how one actually does it.

Lyrics and music: Stefan Bachmann

Vocals: B Warner


This is the super rough demo version of the song above.