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London Again


I went to London monnnnths ago, but never posted about it and now I’m swamped with graduation projects. . .

(WE GRADUATE IN FIVE MONTHS. *chews nails* I have to write at least 30 minutes of music, and work with a bunch of lighting and sound people, and it’s going to be a weird, modern sort of project. I’ll probably do a post about it when it’s further along, since graduating art college is an adventure, let me tell you. Also, I just sent a revision to my editor.)

Anywho, in November I was in London with several family members.

Here’s what we did:


Sister and I in Anthropologie. Sister is calm, I am a blur, no doubt RUSHING to examine a box of unicorn-detox-hand-towel-coloring-books.



On this topic, Londoners are really nice. I’m surprised every time I go, because while I love Zürich, and it’s my favorite, and I appreciate living in Switzerland more and more with every passing year, and there are lots of nice people in Zürich, it’s not a friendly city as a whole. It’s just not. But in London, ALL THE NICE PEOPLE were met and talked to.


Like this burgerrrrr, I will just live off this burger forever, please.

Some of it was less good. . .


These cupcakes look interesting but if you eat them you’ll realize they are vapid and dull, which is what happens when you eat writers, too.


A teaspoon of courage, a dash of despair.

We also had tea in celebration of a family member’s birthday. It was delicious and there was cotton candy in a mystery flavor that you had to guess.



I guessed blood orange. The waitress was like:



It was rhubarb custard, which, if you’re wondering, tastes like blood oranges.


This is not how the Dennis Severs House looks inside. This is a candy store, and I lol’d at how part of its candy stock is American breakfast cereal.

Anyway, I love London. One day, I would love to live there.  Next week I’m going to Porto and visiting friends in Amsterdam, because I have semester break and need to spend some airline miles before they expire.

I haven’t been doing much on social media recently, and it probably seems like I’m blithely ignoring world events and don’t care about anything, but I do. The internet’s just not my favorite place to talk about important things.

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  1. Basilisk says:

    HAHAHA! “Unicorn-detox-hand-towel-coloring-books” – that’s Anthropologie in a phrase all right. Next time I will buy one of their unicorn-detox-candles, though.

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