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Art College and Updates and Italy Travels

Hii! ūüėÄ *shouts into the echoing abyss*¬†I haven’t blogged in months.¬†(But¬†also, the old blog, Scathing Jellyfish, is still getting thousands of¬†pageviews despite being no updates, so¬†perhaps¬†the secret to successful blogging is being lazy and never posting? In which case I shall¬†be the MOST SUCCESSFUL.)



Me, in my preferred outfit, expressing my preferred sentiment.

Anyway, this will be a rambly, update-y post before summer begins and interesting things happen.




I’m in Rome right now.¬†I said a few¬†blog posts ago that I wasn’t going to do much travelling this year,¬†but an American¬†cousin is doing the obligatory Europe tour, so I’m going¬†to¬†London and a few Italian cities with her, and then to the US briefly. I cannot say no to London, and I can also not say no to eating inordinate¬†amounts of gelato in Italy.

– I had a ton of finals these past few months which is mainly why I haven’t been on social media much. (That, and the fact that the world is being particularly¬†sad and crazy lately, and I just don’t know how to deal with it half the time.) I passed the tests, though, (yay!) and will be heading into my last year of college this Fall. Very excited for that. Mostly excited to be done. Even though once I graduate I’ll probably be like “Adulthood is rubbish and¬†I’ve been duped and would like to be a sheltered art student forever, please.”

And my college¬†will throw wide its doors¬†and¬†say “Why, yes, just enter for two more years for a master’s degree,” which I’m not 100% sold on doing, because I think it’s a bit silly to presume¬†you’re a master of art just because a college gave you a¬†piece of paper. Like, no. Sit down.

Speaking of schools and masters: I was walking through the master student’s exhibitions this year, which is where the master graduates display their graduate work. And which I’m not bashing at all, btw, despite the above statement.¬†The ones¬†I saw was very cool. But I was mostly interested in the people.

The audience was about evenly split between suburban families looking around in bewilderment, wondering what in the world they had unleashed upon society with their Hellspawn Artisté Children, and the other half was intelligentsia in flow-y clothes who were probably thinking the same thing, but that would be super awkward to admit so they acted like they get everything.

Which is funny because¬†all the Hellspawn Artist√© Children are looking at the intelligentsia like “You’re 90 years old, and you can’t¬†possibly understand my youthful fire,” and the intelligentsia get bitter and are like “KIDS THESE DAYS,” and really everyone¬†just desperately¬†wants to be a part of things, or at least a part of the people who are not a part of things. It breeds all the¬†drama, let me tell you.

For example: one time a toilet with a fluffy pink seat was set up in the lobby of the college WITHOUT A PERMIT. *gasps all around* I think in response to some sort of new rules from the school board. And that caused drama and firings and school-wide email chains, which all the uninvolved students followed blithely, despite not having a clue what was going on.

I don’t know what the pink toilet meant exactly¬†but there’s a running joke that if you don’t understand a particular piece of art, it signifies world peace.

So, leaning tower of rubber tires topped with windshield? World peace.

Vomit on the steps? World peace. (Or alcohol poisoning, but like, who are we to judge the artist’s methods?)

That fluffy pink toilet? World peace for shoaaaaaah.

РIn non-school-related news, Cabinet of Curiosities will be returning this July!



Tina Fey is very excited about this and is leaving work to refresh her Cabinet of Curiosities page, which she keeps on favorites.










We¬†took¬†a long break because we’ve all been busy with different projects. But now we’ll try another round,¬†and new weird stories will be posted this coming month!

Anyway, I hope everyone’s doing well!¬†ūüôā I’ll blog Italy adventures¬†soon.

6 Comments to ‚ÄúArt College and Updates and Italy Travels‚ÄĚ

  1. Basilisk says:

    Ahhhhh! An UPDATE! FINALLY!!!!
    Monsch Etienne, you can’t starve your readers like that. I understand not wanting to participate in social media when it’s being even more gaseous than usual, but that doesn’t mean YOU can’t pour forth your own tidbits and interestings into your own blog and simultaneously ignore Twitter. So bring on that next post.

    • stefan says:

      I know, I should get with it. Also I lurrrrrrv my twitter people, blabbering on the internet just stresses me out sometimes, blog included. ūüôā

  2. Evi R. says:

    No way. You posted something! After reading your report about art colleges, I’m seriously considering to study something artsy. World Peace in one’s everyday life seems just so very tempting.

    And a new story magically appeared in my curious cabinet (probably all other stories -which I’m sure were posted since last september- must have been swallowed by this newfangled contraption called time management)!

    By the way: I sent you my paper on Bartholomeww and Oliver via mail -have look, if you dare.
    Tell me what you think about it & enjoy your stay in Rome,
    all the best,

    • stefan says:

      I know, crazy. xD I don’t know how I used to be able to post twice a week. Also, yay, I’ll read very soon!

      Also-also, studying artsy things is very fun. Would recommend. It just comes with a lot of silliness and pretentiousness, so brace yourself.

      Thanks for Rome well-wishes, and thanks also for keeping up with Cabinet despite our lack of posting!

  3. Bernice says:

    Hi Stefan, congratulations on your exams! Hope all goes well for the final part of college. We’re in England too, but not London. Have a great summer break.

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