Stefan Bachmann

Cinders and Sparrows arriving Fall 2020

Cinders & Sparrows

Zita Brydgeborn, long-lost daughter of a glamorous and powerful dynasty of witches, has been found at last and is returning to reclaim her inheritance. One moment to the next, she’s whisked from being a housemaid in a tiny village to inheriting a castle, an enchanted wood, and entire rooms full of mysterious treasures and secrets.

But Zita doesn’t know the first thing about being a witch, and she soon realizes her newfound fortune comes with a world of trouble. Mrs. Cantanker, the scheming chatelain of the castle, is hellbent on turning Zita out on her ear. The two servants are friendly, but seem to be keeping secrets. And what of the mysterious blue staircase which Zita is utterly forbidden from going up?

Slowly, as Zita unravels her family’s tangled history, she becomes aware of a much greater darkness brewing. Something murdered the Brydgeborn family, and whatever it is, it’s still close by. Zita is perhaps the last one who can stand against it. But it’s coming for her, too . . .

Arriving October 13th, 2020




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