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Hiiiii. I’m writing this from a little tiny apartment in Novi Sad, tippy-tapping away, listening to Beethoven loudly to drown out the pigeons living in the ventilation, baking cookies on a panini press. I’ll blog about this adventure later, but basically I need to have this re-write done by the end of the month, and there’s still a lot to do, and I’m vacillating wildly between panic and ya know . . . the joys of writing.

After this, I have to fly to the US for a millisecond for my older brother’s wedding. (Congrats, older brother!!) And then to Prague for the internship. And then back to Zürich for a reading. (Do I remember how to do readings? And how to speak Swiss German? AND HOW TO SIT ON A STAGE AND SAY WORDS? Doubtful.)

Some writing things:

I wrote a cabinet story! We’re all kind of on hiatus and busy out of our minds, but I had it lying around so I put it up. It’s gloomy and foggy, and in step with the cabinet story I wrote before it, since I wrote them both around the same time.

Two tidbits of book news:

A Drop of Night is out in German later this year, on August 23rd, in mah home country and other German speaking countries. It’s called Palast der Finsternis there. And it can be pre-ordered here. And look at its beautiful cover:



Also, my short story for the Aarhus 39 is out now in an anthology by Alma Books, and can be ordered here. It looks like so:



And that’s that!

*pigeons resume cooing aggressively*


*distant yelling in Serbian*

6 Comments to “Bits and Bobs”

  1. Carley says:

    I don’t know, I think the cookies look kind of good, if you had a spoon to eat them with.

  2. Carley Anne says:

    Stefan Bachmann, I was wondering, as the chances of becoming a published author are so incredibly small, would you advise me to continue striving towards that goal?

    • stefan says:

      YES. 100% yes. The chances of doing anything particularly cool in life are pretty tiny, and even when you accomplish the thing you wanted, you’ll realise it’s no more or less important than anything else. So strive toward what you care about, and if you care about writing then do that. Also, statistics don’t actually matter. They’re not about you, they’re about everyone put together. All that matters is that you have a story you feel you need to tell.

  3. Sarah says:


    Idk, I like the English version of the cover for A Drop of Night better still. 🙂

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