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A DROP OF NIGHT – Book Birthday!

*dashes onto blog* It’s here!

A Drop of Night took three very lengthy years to write, and if you read it you’ll probably be like “Uh, why did this popcorn-y book take three very lengthy years? It’s not Proust.” To which I would say:



It was just a different sort of project for me, I think. It was written and re-written and re-written again during a pretty weird time, aka the last rage-y bit of my teenage life and the beginning of college. I’m proud of the book, though. I’m glad I wrote it.

Some things! (I will update and add to this as the week progresses.)

Buzzfeed picked A Drop of Night as one of its books to read for Spring 2016.

Epic Reads has it on their list of most anticipated books for March 2016 and it’s gotten some nice reviews.

– On Adventures in YA Publishing I answer the question “What is your favorite thing about the book?” (They’re also running a giveaway for a hardcover.)

And here is an interview I did with them where I talk about how long the book took to write, and what my writing rituals are, and what my next book will be.

– Since I don’t think I’ll be going to the US this year unless I absolutely must, if anyone sees A Drop of Night at a bookstore and has a moment to tweet me a picture that would be amazing. 🙂

Also, acknowledgements – the acknowledgement post I wrote for The Whatnot still applies 100%, but since this book was much more circuitous to write than TW: thank you so much to my agent Sara and my editor Virginia for being the best, and for reading the manuscript way too many times, and for not firing me. Thank you Lois for being a brilliant copyeditor. Thank you Gina, Katie, Sylvie, Martha, Tim, Paul for designing the fantastic cover, the HC International people who are great and organized the readings in Zürich. In short, thank you everyone at Greenwillow and HarperCollins who do so many things for so many books. I’m really, really grateful to be published by you.

Thanks also to my dear family and friends, especially the three friends to whom this book is dedicated.

And that’s it! I have a lot of other thoughts, but they don’t really matter at this point, so OFF YOU GO Weird YA Thing, and I hope you find your crowd. And of course I hope you – dear blog readers – like it, and and leaving reviews absolutely anywhere is the best thing ever, and awesome, and thank you, too, because obviously you are the main factor in this whole book-writing shenanigan. 🙂 Thanks a ton for reading.

3 Comments to “A DROP OF NIGHT – Book Birthday!”

  1. Grace Hensley says:

    CONGRATULATIONS. Can't wait to read.

  2. Liz Brooks says:

    *happy dance* Congratulations! I haven't received my book in the mail soon, but I'm expecting it to arrive soon, and I'm so excited! *flails*

  3. Rosie_Kate says:

    Congratulations! (But it looks really scary and I might be too chicken to read it.)

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